The Irish public is right to question where their donations and/or taxes via grants go and insist on good governance and transparent procedures. Outlined below is information on Brighter Communities Worldwide and its current practices.

Governance and transparency

Brighter Communities Worldwide Statement on Governance and Transparency

Brighter Communities Worldwide undertakes many forms of fundraising to raise funds for its programmes in Kenya. These include organising events, selling goods, donations, standing orders and grant applications.

Finance and Fundraising

Brighter Communities Worldwide is committed to complying with the Charities Regulator Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the Public.

Brighter Communities Worldwide’s accounts comply with the Statement of Recommended Practice for Financial Reporting by Charities (SORP).

Brighter Communities Worldwide publishes its Annual Accounts on line every year and these are available on our website.

Brighter Communities Worldwide is registered with the Charities Regulatory Authority, and has complied with all reporting obligations.

Income summary

Expenditure summary

Annual results summary - income 2015

Annual results summary - expenditure 2015


In 2019, Brighter Communities Worldwide was granted Triple Lock Status by the Charities Institute of Ireland this means we demonstrate openness, transparency, and integrity and comply with best practise in governance and transparency.

Brighter Communities Worldwide is governed by a Board of Directors in Ireland and a Board of Management in Kenya. The role of these Boards  is to govern the organisation in accordance with its mission, vision and legal obligations.

Brighter Communities Worldwide is compliant with the Charities Governance Code developed by the Charities Regulator in 2019 and we are ready to meet our reporting obligations starting in 2021. The Code is composed of six principles of governance that apply to all Irish Charities with specific standards that reflect best practice for charities to ensure we meet our objectives with integrity and are managed in an effective, efficient, accountable and transparent way.

Brighter Communities Worldwide has a Conflict of Interest policy and a Conflict of Loyalty policy in place and all potential conflicts of interest and loyalty are dealt with by the Executive Committee.

Brighter Communities Worldwide has an Audit Committee in place and its terms of reference can be downloaded here »

Brighter Communities Worldwide is compliant with the terms of the NGO Coordination Act of 1990, and the attendant Regulations of 1992 in Kenya. This was confirmed by the NGO Coordination Board in January 2016 – view letter.

Directors expense and pensions

All Brighter Communities Worldwide board members are voluntary and do not receive payments to attend board meetings. All expenses incurred by board members in fulfilling their duties as board members are paid according to Brighter Communities Worldwide’s Expense Policy. 

Brighter Communities Worldwide does not pay any pension allowances for its employees but has a PRSA scheme in place should any employee wish to avail of this.

Brighter Communities Worldwide welcomes feedback on its governance and transparency. Please contact our office using the contact details below.

Help us to become a stronger organisation

We would love to hear your feedback, positive and negative, on how we can improve on what we do to become an even stronger organisation. We are committed to ensuring that all our communications and dealings with you are of the highest possible standard. If you have some feedback for us or if you would like to make a complaint to us then we will listen and respond to your views – please contact our Office Manager at:

Brighter Communities Worldwide, Lower Ground Floor, 2 Westbourne Place, Cobh, Co. Cork, P24 DY65, Ireland


Telephone: +353(0)85 2538690 or +353 0)21 4813735

For further information download our complaints policy here »

Signatories and memberships

Click here to see what Codes of Good Practice Brighter Communities Worldwide adhere to and the various organisations we are affiliated to.