Friends of Kipkelion is a UK registered charity which was set up in 2010 by Michael Deriaz. Michael worked as a volunteer teacher in Kipkelion in the 1970s, and was keen to do something to help the people of Kipkelion.

Friends of Kipkelion

The relationship between Friends of Kipkelion and Brighter Communities Worldwide was set out in a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the two organisations in 2011. Friends of Kipkelion is quite independent of Brighter Communities Worldwide, but the two organisations share the same aims and values and work together very closely in partnership. As Friends of Kipkelion has no staff of its own in Kenya, it depends on Brighter Communities Worldwide for the execution of all projects. Project priorities are discussed and agreed between Brighter Communities Worldwide and Friends of Kipkelion each year, and the two organisations collaborate closely on fund raising and project planning.

Supporters of Brighter Communities Worldwide who live in the UK and are taxpayers should note that all donations to Friends of Kipkelion are eligible for Gift Aid. This means that a £40 donation is worth £50 to Friends of Kipkelion; and additional tax relief is available to higher rate taxpayers which reduces the cost of making such a gift to only £30. All donations to Friends of Kipkelion are used on Brighter Communities Worldwide projects.