Everyone has something to contribute as a volunteer in terms of their time, skills and knowledge and Brighter Communities Worldwide are fortunate in having a strong force of volunteers all over the world who are passionate about helping to Create Better Futures in Londiani.

Ambassador programme

The Brighter Communities Worldwide Ambassador Programme is about volunteers who are committed to supporting Brighter Communities Worldwide’s work. Some have experienced life in Londiani and Kipkelion and want to remain involved and active in promoting the organisation at home. Volunteers are having a huge impact on development worldwide because the work done on the ground to tackle poverty is so important along with national and international intervention.

Volunteers who become Brighter Communities Worldwide Ambassador’s are willing to share their experiences of working with the communities in Kenya; share their knowledge of Brighter Communities Worldwide and what the organisation is aiming to achieve; advocate for the people that Brighter Communities Worldwide are supporting; use their time, skills and creativity to add capacity to Brighter Communities Worldwide’s promotion and fundraising campaigns.