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If you are thinking about making a will then chances are you are looking ahead and thinking about the people who are closest to you. It’s a daunting task, one that takes careful thought and consideration and in the end something of great value and importance.

As you consider your plans, we want to ask you to also consider including a gift to Brighter Communities Worldwide in your will.

Brighter Communities Worldwide’s mission and vision were developed in partnership with the communities with whom we have worked with since 2002. As authors of their own development, the communities we work with lead healthier lives and apply their increased education and knowledge creating sustainable livelihoods and stronger communities.

Help us to continue to make this mission a reality in the future. You can be assured that leaving a gift of any value in your will can make a real and lasting change to the men, women and children in the communities we work with.

Why donate through your will?

We simply can’t do what we do without the support of people like you. A gift from you will provide funds that are vital in continuing to make the changes and positive impact that we have seen develop since 2002.

Your gift will help to ensure that we can continue the work that we do in the long term and helps us to keep our commitment to the communities where we have implemented our programmes to help create better futures for their families.

What will your money do?

Your money will support the work that we do which focuses on these key areas:

  • Better Education
    • Providing education bursaries to ensure that all children get the chance to finish school regardless of their family situation;
    • Supporting schools through our healthy schools programme to be safe and healthy environments where children can learn;
    • Supporting girls to remain in school through our Girls for Girls programme which gives girls confidence, lifeskills, economic independence and ensures that they won’t miss a day of school due to lack of sanitary products.
  • Improved Healthcare
    • Improving maternal health by looking after mothers and babies and supporting the local district hospital in Londiani, the health clinics in the area and working with the Ministry for health to reduce maternal & new born morality rates;
    • Making villages more healthy by starting with each individual homestead and making that a health place for a family to be – installing smokeless stoves, providing access to clean water, creating kitchen gardens to provide more nutrition to growing children.
  • Clean Water
    • Access to clean water and good sanitation is a basic human right – it impacts on the health of the community and beyond that it boosts education if children are at school everyday and not sick at home or spending time travelling far to collect clean water;
    • It impacts on the economy of the family as less time spent on collecting water can be put to use on income generating projects instead.
  • Thriving Economy
    • As a community’s education, health and water & sanitation needs are met then they have more time and energy to put into economic activities.  And at the end of the day each family want and need to earn an income to become independent and raise their standard of living.
    • We work with communities and assist them in developing business plans and income generation projects in a variety of ways. These range from schemes linked directly with health education or safe water supply, to general business training and specific business development projects.

You can leave your gift to a specific programme area of your choice if you wish.

A big decision

We acknowledge that this is a big decision and the most important part of it is to provide for your loved ones – your family, friends and relatives.

It is also a unique chance to support those causes close to your heart and leave a lasting contribution.

Things to know

In order for you to leave a gift in your will to us, your solicitor will want to know two things:

  1. The type of gift you want to leave i.e. residuary, pecuniary or specific –
    • Residuary gift - the remainder or a percentage of your estate after all other bequests and expenses have been deducted. A residuary legacy has the added benefit of keeping pace with inflation
    • Pecuniary gift - a gift of a specified amount of money, for example €5,000. However, unlike a residuary bequest, inflation can reduce the value of a pecuniary gift.
    • Specific gift - a gift of a specific item such as a property, jewellery or other valuables
  1. Our company details, which are: Brighter Communities Worldwide, 4 the Crescent, Mill road, Midleton, Co. Cork. Registered Charity Number CHY16505

If you already have a Will and would like to amend it to include Brighter Communities Worldwide, please talk to your solicitor to arrange this.

Get in touch

If you've got any questions, give us a call on +353 21 4621748 or email admin@brightercommunities.org

And thank you for considering Brighter Communities Worldwide at this time.