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Donate in memory

If you are reading this and have recently lost someone in your life then please accept our condolences at this sad time.

The chances are that Brighter Communities Worldwide means something special to either you or your loved one and we are grateful to you for remembering us and proud to help to honour the memory of your loved one.

Ways to donate in memory

Honour the memory of someone you love by making a donation in their memory

  • Ask for donations in lieu of flowers at the funeral.
  • Set up an online donation page in your loved one's name and ask people to donate to that (the Brighter Communities Worldwide office can help you with suggestions of websites you can use).
  • Organise an event to raise money.
  • Take part in one of our sponsored/fundraising events.

What will your money do?

The money will support the work that we do which focuses on these key areas:

  • Better Education
    • Providing education bursaries to ensure that all children get the chance to finish school regardless of their family situation;
    • Supporting schools through our healthy schools programme to be safe and healthy environments where children can learn;
    • Supporting girls to remain in school through our Girls for Girls programme which gives girls confidence, lifeskills, economic independence and ensures that they won’t miss a day of school due to lack of sanitary products.
  • Improved Healthcare
    • Improving maternal health by looking after mothers and babies and supporting the local district hospital in Londiani, the health clinics in the area and working with the Ministry for health to reduce maternal & new born morality rates;
    • Making villages more healthy by starting with each individual homestead and making that a health place for a family to be – installing smokeless stoves, providing access to clean water, creating kitchen gardens to provide more nutrition to growing children.
  • Clean Water
    • Access to clean water and good sanitation is a basic human right – it impacts on the health of the community and beyond that it boosts education if children are at school everyday and not sick at home or spending time travelling far to collect clean water;
    • It impacts on the economy of the family as less time spent on collecting water can be put to use on income generating projects instead.
  • Thriving Economy
    • As a community’s education, health and water & sanitation needs are met then they have more time and energy to put into economic activities. And at the end of the day each family want and need to earn an income to become independent and raise their standard of living.
    • We work with communities and assist them in developing business plans and income generation projects in a variety of ways. These range from schemes linked directly with health education or safe water supply, to general business training and specific business development projects.

Next steps

  • You can donate online now.
  • Send us a cheque, made payable to ‘Friends of Londiani to 4 the Cresent, Mill road, Midleton, Co. Cork'.
  • Call us on + 353 21 4621748 to organise an event, find out about current fundraising events, make a donation over the phone or set up a regular gift

Questions & support

If you've got any questions, or if there is a way of remembering your loved one that you would like to discuss with Brighter Communities Worldwide, give us a call on +353 21 4621748 or email admin@brightercommunities.org