• Periods don’t stop for Pandemics

    Periods don’t stop for Pandemics

Nothing will stop ME

Nothing Will Stop Me is a campaign about menstrual hygiene. It’s about removing myths around menstruation, confronting taboos and raising awareness.

It was created by Brighter Communities Worldwide in 2018 to tie in with Global Menstrual Hygiene Day – an annual awareness raising day on May 28th. We called it Nothing will stop ME because it focuses on improving the life opportunities, education and income of women and girls in Kenya. Supported by the Yetu Initiative, we aim to raise money and awareness of our work in Londiani, Kenya. We have set up a dedicated campaign website.

There are many issues aside from menstrual hygiene that impact on the lives of women and girls and prevent them from reaching their potential including Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), gender based violence and inequality around access to education. Nothing Will Stop Me has become our slogan to advocate for the rights of women and girls in the communities with whom we work. We do this through our community development programmes.

Our Girls for Girls and Healthy Schools programmes tackle the challenge of maintaining education for girls. Often girls choose to stay at home for one week in four due to lack of facilities at school, not having the means to purchase sanitary products and because menstruation is not talked about and is surrounded by myths and taboos.

A second element to our Menstrual health programme is called Jiamini (Believe in yourself) and is based in the community where women also suffer similar challenges to girls at school. Both programmes provide education around sexual health and reproduction, income generating skills, access to affordable sanitary kits and school infrastructure including latrines, water access and washrooms.

For a world in which every Woman and every Girl can achieve her full potential and realise her dreams #nothingwillstopme


The Brighter Communities Anthem

One of the highlights of our 2018 MH Day Nothing Will Stop Me campaign was the launch of our campaign song created by Suzanne Gachukia-Opembe, an established music artist and producer in Kenya and also the wife of the then Kenyan ambassador to Ireland, Mr Richard A Opembe.

The anthem is a clear message to women and girls, that nothing should stop them achieving their dreams. The song supports the aims of the menstrual hygiene campaign, but also the values and beliefs of Brighter Communities Worldwide and our work in Kenya. To empower communities to achieve a brighter future.

Suzanne herself wrote the lyrics and brought together a mix of artists from Kenya to create the perfect pop song and video. The artists then went a step further and travelled to Londiani to launch the song at our celebration day in 2018. Watch the Nothing Will Stop ME Anthem here.


Nothing will stop YOU

We need your support

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We are committed to celebrating Menstrual Hygiene Day annually and we will continue our campaigning and fundraising efforts. Donate through Brighter Communities Worldwide

Nothing can stop us now, we have so much more to achieve.

#NothingWillStopMe #NoMoreLimits #menstruationmatters #itstimeforaction