We believe that stronger people make stronger communities, and that stronger communities make a better world, with a brighter future. We are committed to enabling long term, positive change.

  • Founded as Friends of Londiani in 2002, we renamed our charity to Brighter Communities Worldwide which still endeavours to create enabling environments for communities to realise change.

  • Our vision and mission reflect our commitment to enabling long term and positive change in the communities in which we work.

  • Brighter Communities Worldwide’s strategic plan outlines the strategic direction for the organisation for 2019 and beyond.

  • Brighter Communities Worldwide was founded in 2002. Since then it has expanded and developed its programmes and now works across two sub-counties with 228,000 people.

  • Brighter Communities Worldwide has worked in Kenya since 2002. In 2016 a pilot health project began in Uganda.

  • We have a small team based in Ireland, and 40 staff based in Kenya. The staff team are working on the implementation of our strategic plan in the areas of water, health, education and economic empowerment.

  • Brighter Communities Worldwide is a registered charity in Ireland and a company limited by guarantee, under the direction of a Board of Directors. Brighter Communities Worldwide is also a registered International Non-Governmental Organisation in Kenya under the direction of a Board of Directors.

  • The Irish public is right to question where their donations and/or taxes via grants go and insist on good governance and transparent procedures.