Brighter Communities Worldwide welcomes involvement of individuals in their fundraising efforts – events raise vital funds.


Brighter Communities Worldwide welcomes involvement of individuals and groups in our fundraising efforts to raise the vital funds needed to support our community development work.

Ideas for fundraising include organising a coffee morning at home or at work; taking part in a marathon or running/walking event and raising sponsorship for Brighter Communities Worldwide; taking one of our Key rings for Kenya boxes to sell at your work place; taking part in any of our annual events; selling our crafts from Kenya at Christmas; getting your school involved in organising an event.

Get involved and contact us if you have a fundraising idea or you want to support any of our events – please email and we will get back to you.

Please find a list of ways you can fundraise below:

Host a Brighter Communities Worldwide coffee morning

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Hosting a coffee morning (or any time of day) is a great opportunity to catch up with friends while raising funds for Brighter Communities Worldwide. Peoples’ lives are changing and improving everyday thanks to the support of people like you!

Coffee and tea supporting livelihoods – Kenya is well known for its coffee and tea production, around 70% of Kenyan coffee is produced by small-scale holders. Many of these people are part of the communities that Brighter Communities Worldwide is working with.

People like Joyce and Rachel who are members of the Kabng’etuny Women in Coffee Association, Kericho, Kenya. They grow small amounts of tea and coffee as cash crops, in addition to crops of maize and beans that they grow to feed their families. You can read about Joyce and Rachel and how the funds you raise with your coffee morning will help support their communities.

How it works!

Contact us by email or telephone 021 4621748 or 086 8744612 and we’ll provide you with:

Let us know of your plans and the date you plan to hold your event by emailing or telephone (+ 353) 021 4621748 and we will provide you with tea and coffee from Kenya.


Get involved and join Brighter Communities Worldwide at one of the many events we organise throughout the year. These events gather volunteers and supporters together and raise funds to support our community development work. Find a full list of our events here.

Get involved

If you are interested in getting involved with any of Brighter Communities Worldwide fundraising events, or would like to volunteer to fundraise for Brighter Communities Worldwide please contact

Brighter Communities Worldwide is committed to achieving the standards outlined in Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the Pubic supplied by the Charities Regulator  – Good practice standards for fundraising.


Fundraising for businesses

If you are a business interested in getting involved with any of Brighter Communities Worldwide fundraising events, or would like to discuss your Corporate Social Responsibility ideas with Brighter Communities Worldwide please contact